Tiny houses for sale in Florida

Why Tiny Houses are Popular in Florida

Florida, the Sunshine State. Florida is one of the few U.S States with year-round sunshine and constant warm ocean breezes from the coast. Needless to say, Florida isn’t all that bad of a place to live. Moreover, many Floridians, both young and old are now turning to the lifestyle of living in a tiny house and there is now a huge market of people looking for tiny houses for sale in Florida.

The “tiny house movement”, as many call it, is a call to action for people to fight back against the centuries-old traditional lifestyle of being tied down with high mortgages and lifelong debts. Those who adopt this lifestyle get to live an easier, simpler lifestyle with less maintenance and more movability.

Florida is also a state where many people head for their retirement. The combination of a warm, temperate climate and Florida’s numerous trailer parks makes it a great place for retirees. (Include tiny houses for sale in Florida in this paragraph)

The Benefits of Tiny Houses

Those who are thinking about the idea of tiny house living have a few things in mind. Although living in a tiny house might not be for everyone, there are certainly some major benefits to it. People who have adopted this lifestyle enjoy a few perks that regular, big house owners don’t.

  • Tiny Houses are Environmentally Friendly – A top reason for people to start searching for tiny houses for sale in Florida is a want to build a more viable, green style of living. Tiny houses are proven to be more energy efficient than larger homes. Because of their size, tiny houses do not require as much energy for heating, cooling or for electricity. A lot of tiny house owners even opt to run their own power grids off solar panels, further reducing their carbon footprint.
  • Simplicity – The tiny house lifestyle is on the rise and everybody knows it. From 1978 to 2013, the average size of a single-family home in the United States ballooned from 1780 square feet to nearly 2700 square feet, even though the size off average families has been in decline. Families have decreased nearly by a whole person, but the size of their homes have nearly doubled. The tiny house movement has basically been a push-back against the world of excessive material possessions and exorbitant wealth.

Some tiny house dwellers claim that the movement can trace its roots back to Henry David Thoreau, an author who lived out most of his life simply, in a tiny cabin in the woods. He had a mantra, “Simplify, simplify, simplify!” and over the past couple decades, Americans all over the country are starting to adopt this basic philosophy as well.

  • Less Upkeep – It’s obvious to everyone that living in a house is going to decrease the amount of maintenance required to run your household. When your house is only the size of what most people’s living rooms are, maybe three or four hundred square feet, you can only collect so much clutter. Housework only takes a fraction of the time than what it would in a larger house and any repairs required will also have a reduced cost and duration since the jobs will always be smaller.
  • Mobility – These days, many people who are looking for tiny houses for sale in Florida are opting for a house that has an axle and wheels. While often thought of as a glorified RV, tiny houses are anything but a recreational vehicle. Tiny houses are much more often likened to a conventional household. However, when your house has wheels, you can take you and your entire life almost anywhere you want to go. Many owners live mortgage and/or debt free, tend to have more disposable income to put towards travel and are less tied down than traditional home owners.
  • Multi-functional – Some people like the idea of tiny house, but don’t like the idea of restricting their living space to a few hundred square feet. Many families are also adopting a tiny house for other uses in addition to their full-sized home such as an add-on, guest house, home office, in-law suite or studio.
  • Mortgage Free – Probably the biggest reason why people are so interested in tiny house living is that they cost only a small fraction of what their conventional, larger counterparts do. A lot of tiny house owners can build or buy their dream home without needing a mortgage or are at least able to pay it off much sooner.

The cost of a tiny house can vary wildly depending on a bunch of factors including the building materials that are used, the house’s square footage, the land or lot fees associated with parking the tiny house and whether you are buying or building. The cost can be as low or lower than $20 000 to as high as $150 000. If you choose to build, there will even more to consider like whether your builder will be furnishing the tiny house of not.

There are many builders who will quote prices at around $30,000. However, this is usually only the price of the shell of the house and does not include any interior finishing or furnishings.

So, the real costs of average fully-furnished, ready-to-live-in tiny homes for sale in Florida will be closer to $70,000-$130,000. This slightly higher price will include all the finishing touches that will allow you to immediately move into your tiny home. Some builders will even include furnishing your tiny house for you which will allow you to fully customize your interior to the way you want it.

Where Can I Get a Tiny House in Florida?

Depending on a person’s individual wants, needs and financial situation, you either must build a tiny house yourself, order a pre-built tiny house or buy one from its previous owners.

There are, of course, pros and cons to each method of adopting a tiny house. Buying from a previous owner might make for a quicker process of getting into a tiny house, but you don’t get to choose everything the way you. Whereas building or ordering a tiny house allows for more customization but might end up costing a bit more.

Why hiring builders is better than looking for used tiny homes for sale in Florida?

As previously stated, whether you are going to want a have your tiny house built or buy a previously owned tiny house. This will depend entirely on your individual circumstances. However, there are certain benefits to using a builder that make it a much better choice than buying a used tiny house in Florida.

When you choose a builder, you will be able to fully customize your tiny house. You will get to make a lot of the decisions as to what building materials are used and what furniture goes into the house once it is built. This can often make the process of adopting the tiny house lifestyle much cheaper than buying a used house.



What Can We Offer

At Build Tiny House, we offer our clients massive possibilities in a tiny package. The tiny house lifestyle is not just about mobility or living without a mortgage. It is an entire life philosophy. It is about simplifying life and making things easier for us, those around us and for future generations in the years to come. It is about making the world a better place for everyone and preserving our fragile environment. Build Tiny House is fully on-board when it comes to this ideology.

Without needing to acquire debt or a mortgage, we also offer our clients the possibility of being able to do more things in their life that they love, this also gives them the possibility to adventure and travel the world around them. Those looking for a tiny house on wheels, will also enjoy the ability to move their entire life around wherever they want, whenever they want and without having to go through the process of buying or selling your dwelling.

On top of the freedom that tiny house owners have, they also get to become part of a community that is filled with like-minded people who are focused on building better lives for themselves and making the world that much of a better place.

Build Tiny House offers fully customizable tiny houses. We are happy to work with each one of our clients to help ensure that their every need is met and that they end up in the tiny house of their dreams. Our engineers and designers are dedicated to getting it right. Build Tiny Home is involved in the entire process from the initial planning, all the way until the final piece of wood is nailed into place.

Our company offers the creation of magnificent and practical tiny homes across the United States. We also provide furnishings so that our clients can fully personalize their tiny house to their own likings.
Build Tiny House is also proud to announce that they have recently added the timber frame tiny house to their product range.

This allows those looking for tiny houses for sale in Florida to make a choice that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. A tiny house with a timber frame also has some great benefits such as being naturally fire-resistant and being a durable, non-toxic, natural insulator that is both flexible and functional. When building a tiny house with timber, the design possibilities are nearly endless.

If you choose to use our services, you will be able to get yourself into a tiny house anywhere in the State of Florida. Here are a few of the biggest cities in the State where we offer our service. Here at Build Tiny House, we are also dedicated to providing access to tiny houses across the country and offer free delivery anywhere in the US for free. 

Laws Regarding Tiny Houses in Florida

The laws in relation to tiny houses are going to vary by zoning region, city or county and can often make the process of adopting the lifestyle seem overly complicated and daunting. The truth is, however, that it doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming at all. Just be sure to check with your local municipality about specific laws related to your region.

Also, the laws and ordinances regarding tiny houses are changing rapidly so make sure that whatever information you are using is up to date with local regulations.

One other things to remember is that a defining factor regarding tiny house laws will depend on whether the tiny house has an axel with wheels or is on a permanent foundation.

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